Belmont School is owned and operated by Acorn Care & Education Ltd.

Belmont School is owned by Belmont School Ltd and is a fully owned subsidiary of Acorn Care and Education Ltd, which is part of Outcomes First Group, a provider of children’s services in the UK.

Belmont School has its own dedicated management team, under the leadership of Carole Austin, Executive Head, Marie Maynard (Primary) and Steve Pegrum (Secondary). Oversight of school management is provided by the Regional Director for Acorn Care and Education, responsible to the Operations Director, Lauren Wright, and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Power.

Richard Power also acts as the registered Proprietor Chairperson for Acorn Care and Education Ltd.

The management team is complemented by Group support functions covering Quality and Compliance, Admissions and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT. Key decisions are referred to Outcomes First Group’s Board of Directors, consisting of Outcomes First Group CEO, David Leatherbarrow and CFO, Jean-Luc Janet, together with an independent Chairman and three Non-Executive Directors