Physical Education & Outdoor Education Team

The team is made up of experienced Physical Education and Outdoor education Instructors who are ably supported by teaching assistants who have a real passion for sport and are well qualified in their own specialist areas.
“Physical education lessons should not be based on sports alone, but on positive movement opportunities that enhance self-esteem, worth, dignity, and self-discipline,”

Advantages of Physical Education

The benefits associated with physical education lessons go far beyond accomplishments made in the gym. When students can step away from their classrooms and move their bodies in a physical education lesson, it increases the benefits of mental health support, stress relief, heart health, and more. We at Belmont believe that monitoring the social, emotional and mental health of all pupils we teach and believe physical education is integral to the overall wellbeing of every single pupil.

Achievement and Progress

Pupil progress is monitored using assessment based on the National Curriculum guidelines. The PE department plan to introduce an internal accreditation scheme to be known as the ‘Belmont PE Excellence Scheme’, these awards will cover many sporting options and will award bronze, silver and gold certification that demonstrates individual pupil progress. The PE department will also introduce an Entry Level Certificate in PE at KS4. Our aim is to create an enjoyable and productive working environment for both staff and pupils. Together we will strive to learn and improve, with participation and achievement being measured, monitored and celebrated.

What the PE Department Offer

The Physical Education Department at Belmont Secondary School offers challenging sporting opportunities to all its students. We follow the nationally recognised PE curriculum, but also recognise our student’s individuality and offer differentiated packages catering for all. We believe in adaptability for all and that our subject is unique in its ability to develop the ‘whole’ person.
We are very proud of the extra-curricular sporting activities at Belmont that provide exciting opportunities for all our students to further develop their physical and social skills. All children have the opportunity to take part in athletic activities which can lead them onto local and regional school sports games. Successful pupils will move on to compete for their county in the national school games.
We aim for the Physical Education & Outdoor Education team to develop and expand over the coming years as we believe all young people can achieve and excel in some form of sporting activity. In addition to this, we have 2 football teams participating in competitive league games and tournaments hosted and organised by Belmont and other SEMH schools. All our sports teams are fully inclusive and believe all pupils should be given the opportunity to excel, the ‘Sport for All’ ethos summarises Physical Education at Belmont.

Belmont School Curriculum Overview 2021/22