Online Learning – Secondary

Online Learning Resource – Secondary

IDL is an intervention programme used by the Literacy department at Belmont School. It can be accessed at home, if pupils have the internet available to them.

The programme is seeing some great progress with improved reading and spelling skills amongst pupils who complete lessons regularly.

We would encourage all pupils to access IDL for 10/15 minutes daily to see the best outcome and would greatly appreciate parents/carers support with implementing this.

To access IDL simply login to

Individual pupils know their personal username and password.

If you have any problems with the login details or would like some further information please do not hesitate to contact

Computer Science

Code Break offers live lessons and all pupils will already be familiar with the site from their work in class. The below links are aimed more at KS3 pupils but still suitable and challenging enough for everyone:

KS4 appropriate:
Khan Academy

Other Useful Links

Britannica Digital learning offers an online learning platform for all levels (passcode acorn)

BBC Bitesize

The BBC have launched a new website called ‘Bitesize’ aimed at helping with home schooling.

Created by teachers and other educational experts, children will have access to over 150 lessons each week in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and more. The service caters for all children and is divided in to three areas; Primary (3-11yrs), Secondary (11-16yrs) and Post 16 (16+yrs).

Lessons are available on the BBC website, app, BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BB4 and BBC Sounds.

Museums Online

Visit the Natural History Museum from the comfort of your own home; take a virtual tour around the exhibits and try some fun activities!

Another wonderful museum to visit is the British Museum in London. The ‘largest indoor space on Google Street View’ there are a host of wonderful exhibitions to browse.

The Science & Industry Museum may be closed for now, but they have some wonderful learning resources for all ages online

A Coronavirus Story

Maths & English

Explore the wonderful British Library online

IXL Learning offers Maths and English resources for Reception to Y13

Nessy – the Nessy approach to learning offers help with reading, writing, grammar, spelling, maths and more

Enjoy the World of David Walliams

The World of David Walliams

Learn maths with Carol Vorderman on The Maths Factor


Learn to cook with Jamie Oliver


Explore the world with National Geographic


Visit Anne Frank Trust UK learning resource for ages 9 – 13yrs

Anne Frank Trust UK learning resource for ages 11 – 16yrs

Discover the Big History Project

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