The progress of all pupils is monitored closely by the Headteacher and Deputy Head. We have a THRIVE™ Practitioner and Pupil Support Workers who all oversee the general welfare of all our pupils supporting the Class teacher. Each class has a Class teacher and designated Support worker who communicate on a daily basis with the pupil’s parents or carers via a Home School Diary or by telephone.


Pastoral Heads

The progress of pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 is monitored by the Head of Key Stage 3 and that of pupils in Years 10 and 11 by the Head of KS4. Staff, including the Pastoral Team and Family Support Worker, monitor pupils’ academic attainment, their behaviour and their attendance. They liaise closely with the Senior Management Team and with the Pupil Support Workers (PSWs). They provide individual pastoral support aimed at improving pupils’ behaviour and encouraging them to fulfil their potential in the classroom. They work closely with parents and carers wherever this is required. They come to know their pupils exceptionally well and have a vital role to play in ensuring that pupils make the most of their time at Belmont School.

The Pupil Support Worker

Each class group has its own Pupil Support Worker who is responsible for the behaviour within the classroom and during non-curriculum activities. This is achieved through monitoring each pupil’s behaviour and where necessary contributing to the setting of targets, thus encouraging the individual to perform to the best of his ability and potential.

The PSW works alongside the classroom teacher in the classroom providing additional support for learning according to the pupil’s individual needs in a caring and structured environment. It is the responsibility of the PSW to encourage the building of positive relationships within the group aiding social development and integration.

PSWs also get to know their pupils very well and liaise closely with the Pastoral Heads to promote high standards of behaviour and attainment in all the members of their group.

Health & Therapy

The school is able to access input from a large health and therapy team. The team is based at one of our sister schools and is available to support work with our pupils.

Within the team there is available:

  •  Consultant Education Psychologist
  •  Occupational Therapist
  •  Speech and Language Therapist
  •  Nurse Specialist
  •  Music Specialist

and staff that are experienced in:

  •  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  •  Neuro Linguistic Programming

These are available to young people that need these services to help remove barriers to their learning and progress. The health and therapy team works collaboratively with the staff at Belmont to promote our pupils’ health and well-being.

Management of Behaviour

Good Behaviour

The school aims to provide a high standard of education to its pupils within a caring environment. To enable pupils to meet their potential the school helps and encourages them to improve their behaviour and social skills so that they can take the best advantage of the educational opportunities the school offers. Socially acceptable behaviour is encouraged through a positive reward system.

All pupils commit themselves to a school Generic Behaviour Plan (GBP) setting targets for their behaviour, attendance and effort. The plan is reviewed and discussed before and at each Annual Review. Pupils who have additional behavioural needs and for whom the School Behaviour Plan is not sufficient, have an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP), which runs for at least a term, but may run for longer. This IBP is reviewed frequently and regularly and is also discussed at the Annual Review.


Pupils’ good behaviour is rewarded through the opportunity to take part in activities such as football, pool, music, board games and computer games during morning breaks and lunchtime breaks. Consistently good behaviour throughout the week is recognised through the award of merits and the opportunity to take part in longer and more varied activities on Friday afternoons, such as swimming, skiing, bowling, football, cultural visits and video films and through opportunities to take on a variety of responsibilities.

Pupils’ good work is rewarded through commendations awarded by subject teachers for outstanding work in their lessons. Certificates and merits are presented in assemblies where all success is frequently recognised and celebrated. Further awards are made at the end of each term for consistently good behaviour, effort in class, excellence in each subject area and attendance throughout the term. As part of the school enterprise scheme, pupils also have the opportunity to earn money by completing paid work tasks throughout the week and during Friday Options.


Pupils who have not met the school’s high standards of behaviour either in class, out of class or while travelling to and from school lose the privileges of break activities and Friday option activities, depending on the nature and seriousness of the misbehaviours. Disruptive behaviour may also have an after school detention as a consequence. Parents/carers are always informed if their son is to be detained. Detentions are normally held on the day on which the pupil has misbehaved. There may be some occasions where despite the best efforts of staff a pupil’s behaviour is seen as likely to endanger themselves, other pupils or staff or to cause major damage to property. On these occasions it may be necessary for the staff to ensure the safety of all concerned by the use of agreed physical management techniques.

School and Family Liaison

The school has a Family Support Team including Samantha Townsend and Michelle Higgins. The team’s role is multi-facetted and covers:

  • Supporting good attendance
  • Supporting children and families using the common assessment framework (CAF)
  • Supporting Year 11 pupils into post 16 college or training
  • Accessing available community / other agency support for families
  • Advocating for young people
  • Supporting referrals to CAMHS, Social care and other external agencies
  • Family and parenting support

Health and Well-Being

School Meals

The school prides itself on the quality of school meals and catering provision we provide to our young people. We realise the importance of healthy, nutritional meals which cater for all our pupils needs. Following media campaigns by celebrities such as Jamie Oliver, the school has transformed its catering provision into a whole school food culture, promoting high quality, nutritional food.

The school employs a full time Chef who has a vast experience of working some of the finest kitchens in the North West of England. In conjunction with “licence to cook” lessons, the Horticulture department PSCHE lessons, the school has been awarded Flagship status by the “Food for Life” association. Only the best ingredients, seasonal and locally sourced where possible, are used. Nutritional salads, sandwiches and jacket potatoes are available every lunchtime in addition to our hot meals and a selection of healthy cereals, fresh fruit juice and whole meal bread are available each morning.

Typical Weekly Menu


Gammon Steak, Roast Potatoes, and Carrots

Apple and Blackberry Crumble


Carrot and Coriander Soup

Ham or Cheese Pizza, Chips and Coleslaw


Chill Chicken Pasta, Green Beans and Garlic Bread

Gingerbread Men and a glass of Milk


Sticky Chicken Wings

Shepherd’s Pie with seasonal Veg and Gravy


Homemade Sausage Roll, Chips and Beans

Cornettos/ Choc Ices



Sandwich, jacket potato or plate salad with a choice of any combination


Ham, cheese, egg mayo, salad or the special filling of the week



Curried parsnip soup with optional sour cream swirl
4 oz Cajun chicken and half rack of ribs, sea salt wedges and mini corn on the cob with creamed Mississippi sauce
Special—Chicken, bacon and mozzarella melt baguette with salad and slow roasted tomatoes

Roasted venison haunch with juniper and thyme jus and bacon, celeriac dauphinoise with rustic caraway flavoured carrots
Hot cross and mildly spiced buns with jam, clotted cream and side orders
Special—Madrilène style chicken drumsticks with foil baked jacket potatoes filled with sour cream and chives

Beef madras with fragrant rice and multi flavoured naans and poppodums
Dark and delicious chocolate torte with minty custard
Special—Honey glazed gammon ham with potatoes, vegetables, and fried eggs

Starter—Traditional minestrone soup
Penne carbonara with crispy streaky bacon topping and pesto drizzle with a mixture of garlic and cheesy garlic slices
Special—Oriental duck and chicken wrap with Chinese dim sum and noodles

Beer battered cod with chunky chips and mushy peas
Individual peach and almond cream tarts
Special—Piri Piri chicken bap


Sandwich, jacket potato or plate salad with a choice of any combination of – Ham, cheese, tuna mayo, egg mayo, salad or the special filling of the day