The Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ at Belmont Primary

During this school year the forest school leaders at Belmont Primary School have been working extremely hard with all pupils to achieve standards of The Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Schools Award’.

As a school, we have successfully achieved the gold standard and therefore we have been awarded our school plaque. This is displayed at the main entrance for all visitors and children to see! This is a wonderful achievement for our students and as the forest school leaders we are very proud of them!

The sessions that the children have participated in have shown creativity, risk taking, resilience and have given the boys a better understanding of nature within our local area! Each session that the children have participated in has added points on to our Green Tree Schools Award. Eventually as a school we have achieved 15 points, making Belmont Primary School a ‘Gold Standard’ school!

In January 2021 we had achieved bronze, but knew that the children all had potential to achieve higher, therefore we continued and by April we had reached ‘Silver Standard’ The enthusiasm from the boys was phenomenal, therefore as a school we continued our journey to reach gold!

For each Team’s last session within forest school, we will celebrating their achievements throughout the year!