About Us

Belmont School provides an outstanding education for boys aged 5 to 18 who experience social, emotional, mental health, communication difficulties and associated challenging behaviours.

We are a small school dedicated to working closely with parents / carers and local authorities to provide for the individual needs of our pupils and we welcome contact with anyone who has interest in the school.

The School is situated in Rawtenstall, in the Rossendale Valley. We are well placed for easy access from the motorway network, particularly the M66, the M60 and the M65.

Our Mission Statement

Belmont School aims to provide the best education continuous provision for boys aged 5-18.
An educational journey with us follows a broad and rich curriculum that allows children to be aspirational, whilst embracing their individuality and learning to manage their diagnosis of special educational needs.
We aim to enhance life experience and instil a desire to achieve

At Belmont School, we enable our pupils to improve their academic performance, overcome their behavioural difficulties, develop their social skills and raise their aspirations. Many of our pupils have previously had negative experiences of school and feelings of failure and frustration. Through our positive approach to rewards and incentives, underpinned by strong structure and boundaries, our pupils develop self-belief, display positive behaviours and quickly establish a strong sense of belonging to our school. By rebuilding self-esteem and forging positive relationships, our pupils replace failure with success.


The aims and values of the school emphasise a strong commitment to provide a high quality provision for all our students and reflect the Visions, Mission and Values of Outcomes First Group of which we are a part of.  The school aims and values are embedded in the school policies and are reflected in the culture of the school:

  • To promote a climate where students learn and where behaviour changes for the better
  • To promote each student’s academic and social development
  • To actively promote British values
  • To actively promote individual liberty
  • To actively promote mutual respect and tolerance
  • To actively promote the rule of law
  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all students
  • To develop, in all students, tolerance of and respect for others
  • To raise the self-esteem of all students
  • To raise the level of social competence of all students
  • To maintain close working partnerships with all parents/carers and referring authorities
  • To keep all students safe while they are at school
  • To involve all students in their learning
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the progress of all students regularly
  • To return students to a mainstream school whenever appropriate and practicable
  • To provide students with the skills and knowledge to equip them for life after school
  • To enable students to adapt readily to a changing environment