“Belmont School has been life changing for us all.  He is a completely different child…he’s calm, more mature and a much happier boy.  Before Belmont we just didn’t know what to do with him: it’s been fantastic.” (Callum’s Mum)

Callum’s Story




“It’s a good school. I like the smaller class sizes: my class has two members of staff between seven of us.  The staff are fair here. If you’re good you’re rewarded for it and I like that.  There is no bullying here at all. If anyone tries it, it’s stamped out straight away.”

Ellis’ Story



“Belmont School and its staff are amazing. Belmont has been the only support system that we have had for Mathew and when he leaves Belmont I have concerns that he may not receive the same from his next placement at college.” (Mathew’s Mum)

Mathew’s story